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About  Jason Sheridan

“With over fifteen years experience in the treatment of Sports Injuries and the facilitation of remedial massage Jason offers both a comfortable and professional therapeutic environment where the patients needs are focused on individually and with
great care so as to maximise their healing potential.”

Jason Sheridan gained his first diploma in Sports Therapy in 1996. He combined this with studying at the Football Association in order to acquire the necessary skills to act as a match day therapist. Jason has worked as both a match day and rehabilitation therapist for various football and Rugby clubs but has treated many different types of sporting persons from those playing heavy contact sports such as professional football / Rugby to those involved in archery and croquet. Himself a keen footballer and kick boxer Jason shows empathy to the sports person no matter what their skill or injury may be. Through a thorough medical history check and diagnostic tools Jason will work to regain and even improve the patients skill or level of functioning.

Jason also undertakes a large amount of remedial massage work, working with those who are in need of rehabilitation after an injury or operation as well as those who are suffering from a work related injury. Jason has noticed a steep increase over the last ten years of persons whose jobs are setting in motion a restricting of their movement or presenting repetitive strain type injuries. Unfortunately for the patient these injuries seemingly lay dormant for some time until the body starts to show fatigue and injury.

As with his Sports Therapy work Jason believes correct diagnosis followed by a thorough and researched rehabilitation programme can improve the patient’s condition. Jason will check the patients posture and attempt to correct any movements or actions in order to keep the patient well and free of injury. Jason prides himself on a professional and personable approach that has seen him now enter his sixteenth year of treating a growing number patients.
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